The Nova Short Story Competition is our annual competition for budding writers of science fiction and fantasy short stories. The competition is open for entry from April until 30 September annually. Winning entries, finalists and selected other entries are published in Probe. The winning story is also published in Mondi Incantati, and Italian anthology of the best stories of Trofeo RiLL.

Nova 2017 Results

Place           Prize      Title                        Author
  1             R 2 000    The Last Baby          Jill Morsbach

  2             R 1 000    The Cloaker             Odell Coetzee

  3             R    500    The Family Tree       Gary Kuyper

The competition is co-sponsored by Arthur Goldstuck of WorldWideWorx

The Nova Short Story Competition FAQ can be found here.

Mondi Incantati

Mondi Incantati (Enchanted Worlds) is a yearly anthology of the best stories organised by RiLL, Riflessi di Luce Lunare (Reflections of Moonlight), an Italian non-profit organisation. Since 1994, RiLL has organized the RiLL Trophy (Trofeo RiLL) for the best fantasy story, a literary contest to discover fantasy authors. RiLL has been collaborating with SFFSA since 2015. We have a reciprocal arrangement where the winning story of Nova is published in Mondi Incantati, and the winning story of Trofeo RiLL is published in Probe.

Trofeo RiLL undertake the translation of the Italian story for Probe. They also translate the Nova winning story into Italian for Mondi Incantati. They generously send SFFSA two copies of Mondi Incantati; one for our library, and one for the Nova winner.

Did you know?

The first short story competition was held in 1971. First prize was an awesome R15! The winning entry, as judged by Arthur Bleksley, was Man Proposes by WG Lipsett.

For more details, you are welcome to email the convenor of the Short Story Competition.

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